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Silviamedrano 6 days ago


The brownies have the perfect blend of crisp, crackly outside and fudge interior and are generously portioned. It was my choice for potluck contribution and it was a big hit with the neighbors!

Joakes123456789 12 days ago


I have tried chicken salad sandwiches all over the states, and I must say "The Cadillac" is my favorite by a long shot. It does not have the heavy mayonnaise taste that can easily ruin chicken salad. The generous portion of chicken together with just the right amount of seasoning makes this salad absolutely delicious. As is the case with most sandwiches, the bacon and dill pickle slices add the perfect finishing touch. Bon appetit!

Opuntia 28 days ago

Cuban Pulled Pork

Excellent sandwich! Rich meat, crisp pickles, lots of mustard, served warm on a soft baguette.

Katie about 2 months ago

Candler Club

Let me tell you about a deli sandwich. The Candler Club to be specific. Ciabatta roll. Multigrain is a solid alternative, and don't worry gluten free folks, Candler Park has you covered. After the bread is crave worthy piemento cheese, a juicy tomato slice, crispy lettuce, bacon, turkey and ham. Wrapped in brown paper because Candler Park Market cares about mother nature. If you're a sandwich lover like me you need to try the Candler Club.

Bessglanton about 2 months ago


The Cadillac is the tastiest spin on a classic chicken salad sandwich!! The addition of bacon with the already amazing homemade chicken salad makes this sandwich my go to!

Withlovehaley about 2 months ago

Garlic N' Parsley

The garlic n' parsley fries are insane! Hand cut, super flavorful, crispy exterior, soft interior. I like to tell myself that they are a great immune boost for cold and flu season with all that tasty fresh garlic!

Jewellbelieve about 2 months ago


Im not even 'sposed to be eating dairy and I absolutely LOVE this sandwich. The flavors all come together to create a flavorful, party in your mouth. Couple with a salty chip and your tummy will thank you. Cheers!

Mgodiers 2 months ago


Best sandwich out there!!! We're heading back in town from a trip now and the first thing we're doing is stopping by CPM for this sandwich. It's loaded with great, fresh ingredients and the service is just as wonderul.

Eaturner6298 3 months ago


My favorite at cpm! I usually get it with multi grain bread. Plenty of chicken salad, bacon, pickles. Delicious!

Mlasofflevs 3 months ago

Impossible Burger

What Candler Park Market Deli does with the Impossible Burger is truly delicious. If you're looking for something different from the "same old" lettuce, tomato, onions and ketchup deal on ANY burger, the condiments on the IB include onions, red peppers and a savory sauce that normally I likely would not have tried. I am SO glad I did. Enjoy, like I did (and frequently do)!

Peachstatewash 4 months ago

Cuban Pulled Pork

The meat being shredded instead of sliced makes the sandwich so much better for some reason. Love buying my lunch from here!

Jessicarollin 4 months ago

Seasonal Soup

The curry lentil soup was a mainstay of my diet last year and I kept trying to figure out how to make it at home but failed. So so yummy.

Frollin 4 months ago

Mean Green

I get this sandwich fairly often, the ingredients are always fresh, sprouts are yummy, and the avocado makes it satisfying and filling. I like it on multigrain bread.

Leahgilbertodem 4 months ago


I've been going to CPM on a weekly basis for 23 years now (I'm 23 years old) and I can truly say it's my home away from home. I'm pretty stingy with money, but I never hesitate to slap down a fresh Hamilton if it means I get to bite into one of those DELICIOUS sammies . Picking one sandwich to review was near impossible.. the Californian, the Cadillac, the Mean Green.. but in the end, I had to go with the big daddy -- the Muffaletta. Rich, juicy, delicious. Everything I want in a meal, especially on Mondays, when it's only $6!! I am a dedicated CPM groupie and look froward to ingesting many more sandwiches in the years to come.

Mrelliott 5 months ago


Honestly everything is good, but the Caprese with chicken is my favorite sandwich! Add a salad with it as well and it'll be your favorite lunch you keep coming back for!! Ps you can't go wrong with the breakfast menu either

Aschrams1 5 months ago

Impossible Burger

I could eat this over and over again. The toppings are what make it so amazing - Candler Park Market is the best!!!

Majamison7 5 months ago

Mean Green

This sandwich is so delicious!! Veggies are always fresh and it's surprisingly filling. It's great as is, but I recommend adding sriracha veganaise!

Eriktrum 6 months ago


Love this burger!

Cashway2424 7 months ago


WOOOOOOW BABY I have to say being a philly native, stopping by Chandlers and grabbing a market stlye Cheese Steak was one of the best lunch ideas ive had in a long time. Everything was in perfedt proportions and the flavors screamed flava. I also paired it with the Gralic Fries. Inwanted a second serving but i was like its good to treat your self the next day!! Keep ut going Chandlers Deli

Marynich65 7 months ago


I order from here at least once a week! The Caprese add bacon is delicioussss!! The pesto, caramelized onions, and grilled chicken go perfectly together. You can't forget the garlic fries. Candler park deli is our go-to here on McLendon!

Matthew 10 days ago


Pretty much the perfect sandwich, still going strong after all these years!

Dqfsu 23 days ago

Candler Club

The Candler Club is one of my favorite all-time sandwiches. The bacon at Candler Market is always crispy and the right thickness and cooked perfectly. The pimento cheese spread takes this sandwich to the next level. It's an incredibly hearty sandwich. I recommend this sandwich to everyone.

Sjreedy about 1 month ago

Candler Club

Best sandwich ever

Guest about 2 months ago


great food

Saromc123 about 2 months ago

Kid's Grilled Cheese

The kid's grilled cheese, alone with the rest of the grilled cheese sandwiches the menus offer are some of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever had. You can choose from a wide variety of breads and cheeses, which provides a personal sandwich, which is complete by being perfectly cooked. On top of that, the meal is ready in almost no time, so it is easy to enjoy fast. 10 out of 10, would definitely reccomend.

Wdrphysics about 2 months ago


Love the Dirty burger! Really hits the spot. Beef is great quality and with fries makes a fantastic lunch. Love the ready made meals in the cooler as well. :)

Zgabrieltownley about 2 months ago


This is the best caprese you will find in East Atlanta! It's fresh, always! It's flavorful, always. And if you add chicken to it? Well, that's the best treat!!!

Karinmack4 2 months ago


I've had a bunch of their sandwiches - Can't go wrong with any of them! LOVE their fries with garlic/parm (addicting!). Don't forget to hit the prepared food case in the back- perfect for quick lunch, or when you need dinner!

Bumble608 3 months ago

Candler Club

I LOVE this sandwich it's the perfect southern sandwich style club with the perfect blend of pimento cheese and bacon!

Eputinsky 3 months ago


This sandwich is SPOT ON the best one and perfect if you get it pressed.

Jessicarollin 4 months ago


Best in the summer for tomato reasons, obviously but always good.

Jessicarollin 4 months ago


Loved the insides but the bread was lame and crumbly.

Ashleyhreed 4 months ago


We live down the street from Candler Park Market and eat at the deli at least 3 times a week. It is so good! The caprese is one of my favorite sandwiches. I definitely recommend adding the chicken – it is perfectly marinated. But honestly you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. .

Meghanmurphy 4 months ago


This sandwich is my new favorite! Everything about it is great, but the chicken salad paired with the pickles is mouthwatering!!

Rhondageraci 5 months ago

Chicken Potpie

The chicken potpie at CPM takes you back to a time of aprons and rolling pins. A thick helping of tasty chicken and vegetables are packed inside two flakey pie crusts. While it is not fat free, you will work off any calories with the happy dance you're sure to do after you have some. Big enough to share, but you won't want to.

Clairecarothers 5 months ago


I love this sandwich - it was such a good addition to the menu. The pesto and pickled onions make it.

Allyne 6 months ago


Candler Park Market is the best kept secret in Atlanta. Everything is delicious, but the Californian is light, offering a savory option when you're not in the mood for a heavy, filling sandwich. The perfect balance and texture.

Prathi 7 months ago

Good Burger

This place is the cutest yummiest deli! Everyone knows your name after you've ordered like once. Food's on time and delicious. What else can you say? Oh yes- the wine selection is on point- so there's that!

Bonheath 7 months ago

Impossible Burger

Candler Park Deli has one of the best Impossible Burgers I've ever tasted! It's got pimento cheese, arugula and a bunch of other super yummy toppings. Our family loves it!!

Mbaetti 7 months ago


The Californian is my go-to sandwich at CPM! Love all the veggies (the avocado and sprouts yum!). It's super fresh and filling.


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